hs youth party

hs youth party

EY High School, let's start the summer off right and stay up all night! We'll be meeting at the Ekklesia Office at 8pm on Friday, June 23 for pizza, heading to Putters for mini-golf and laser tag, watching a movie, playing capture the flag and wall ball, hiking Skinner's Butte at sunrise, and gorging on pancakes for breakfast. All you need is $20, comfortable shoes, and a solid determination to stay awake. Invite a friend - it's gonna be lit!

PAYMENT INFORMATION: You can pay online through the Give page, indicating "HS Youth Party" in the memo area, or you can pay at the Connect Table at a gathering, or at check-in the day of the event.


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In the event that a serious accident or illness befalls your child, Ekklesia Church will first make every effort to contact you at home or place of business to comply with your instructions. If you cannot be located, Ekklesia Church is authorized to:

  1. Contact the family physician or alternative names listed above and follow their instructions.
  2. Transport the above child to a local hospital for treatment by emergency room physician on duty.
  3. The undersigned hereby authorize physician named to give consent for any procedure or hospital care deemed advisable by said doctor. In the event that the doctor is not available, Ekklesia’s leadership is authorized to give necessary consent for any treatment, care, diagnosis, and/or examination of the person named.

I hereby release Ekklesia Church, its employees and agents from all liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, or loss which may be sustained by my child during the course of involvement with Ekklesia Church.

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