Ekklesia—in partnership with The Fellowship at Bend—financially, practically, and spiritually supports Philadelphia, a church in Burkina Faso, West Africa. In the past several years many people have come to know Jesus in this small, land-locked country. Marcel, the lead pastor of Philadelphia, desires to train up leaders and pastors to be sent out to plant their own churches.

With few resources and a low literacy rate, many of Burkina Faso’s pastors need a strong grasp of how to share the Bible in an oral culture. One of our pastors, Ian Stipe, has visited Philadelphia and Marcel’s family several times to offer encouragement and training to these men. Ekklesia and TFAB also built a Bible school to help Marcel train pastors to teach through books of the Bible verse-by-verse to their people.

Ekklesia’s relationship with Philadelphia is one that is Gospel-driven. We are confident and committed to supporting Marcel so he and other followers of Jesus in Burkina Faso can reach out to those who don’t know Jesus.


Much needs to be done in Burkina Faso and so much prayer is required. Please pray that God would continue to save people in Africa. Pray that God would bless the people of Burkina with rain and a plentiful harvest season. Pray that God would equip the pastors in Burkina to teach God’s Word faithfully. Pray for the pastors who are affected by the unrest and religious persecution in northern Burkina next to Mali. Pray for Marcel to have strength and health as he serves his family and the churches of Burkina Faso. Finally, pray that the Bible school would be effective to equip many pastors.

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