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In community we find that support, friendship, and encouragement are so essential to not only our individual lives, but also the life of the church. God desires for us to live in community and be like the early church, who gathered both in large and small groups (Acts 2:46-47).

join a community

Our Communities aim to love, pray, serve, and focus on a common mission. Joining an Ekklesia Community is the primary way to live out the Gospel, grow as disciples together, and connect with one another at Ekklesia. Each Community has a common mission to reach people in their context of life and community. They do this through shared passions, talents, areas of influence, etc. All Communities gather at least twice a month at locations throughout Lane County.

Follow the link to the right and fill out the form, and we will connect you with a Community that fits your needs, passions, and lifestyle.

start a community

Starting an Ekklesia Community is simple. All that is needed are people to share life with and a common mission. Your Community can meet at your house, a coffee shop, a park, or anywhere else you choose. Each Community will look different depending upon the people involved and their common mission. If you would like to start a Community, follow the link to the right to apply and sign up for Ekklesia Connect if you have not already. This will equip you for building a Community and also align your heart with the mission God has given Ekklesia.

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