At Ekklesia, we feel called to invest in a new generation of leaders. Internships are the perfect way to learn and develop leadership skills under the guidance and support of the Ekklesia team. You will be highly involved in a wide variety of fields throughout the summer, with the opportunity to be a part of what God is doing through Ekklesia. You will also participate in a Community led by Wesley Towne, the lead pastor of Ekklesia.


The Ekklesia Summer Internship runs from June 26 - September 14. Depending on your area of emphasis, internship hours (10-30 per week) will take place on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. After your internship hours have been established, you will be required to arrange other commitments around this schedule.
Since we are investing heavily into these internships, we require a high level of commitment. You will be allotted two weeks for travel throughout the summer, but otherwise you will be required to be present, and participating fully. This is a great opportunity to learn and develop who God has created you to be. We encourage you to be fully invested.


Are you a committed, passionate young adult interested in investing 10-30 hours a week into serving and growing at Ekklesia? If that's you, we would love for you to join our Summer Internship! Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within a week. We look forward to a fun summer investing into your life!




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