1 corinthians 3:18-23 quotes


Stay Humble Together by Wesley Towne


“You have to become a fool according to the wisdom of this age to be wise in God’s estimation.”

“Would you rather be wise in the world’s estimation or in God’s estimation?”

“God is saying, ‘Stay humble, church.'”

“Pride blinds and brings division, factions, jealousy, and quarreling. It’s the opposite of the Gospel.”

“We don’t know everything – that’s why we pray, that’s why we seek God, that’s why we follow Jesus.”

“There is great humility in the message of Jesus.”

“God will never forsake His people, no matter what you’re going through.”

“Pride doesn’t always boast audibly. It can be subtle or manipulative.”

“Bad leaders divide the church; good leaders unite the church.”

“Unity combined with humility reveals the Gospel.”

“We don’t need to just know the Gospel, but the heart of the Gospel.”

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