1 corinthians 3:16-17 quotes


You are God’s Temple by Xavier Brasseur


“God’s spirit moves and dwells in the midst of his people’s hearts.”

“You need to build God’s church with the Gospel.”

“The temple can be destroyed when there is division in the church among its members.”

“There should be oneness and unity among God’s people.”

“If we’re divided, we won’t experience the power and presence of Christ as we could.”

“The greatest danger in the church comes from insiders, not outsiders.”

“No matter what we have come here today with, if you are a part of God’s kingdom, you, here today, are a holy temple. He desires to dwell in your midst.”

“Guilt and shame – that’s not the Lord, that’s the enemy. God wants us to see ourselves how He sees us: a holy temple.”

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