1 corinthians 3:10-15 quotes


Building the Church by Wesley Towne


“We are God’s church wherever we meet. We are God’s building.”

“The facility is not the church – we are the church.”

“There’s so much to build upon the foundation of Christ saving you. The foundation is a launching point for the rest of your life.”

“God wants to transform your heart and your mind.”

“God saved you to transform every facet of your life.”

“The content of how we build is important, but the motive is just as important.”

“You could be the greatest Bible communicator in the world but if you do it without love, it’s in vain.”

“Any effectiveness you have in serving Christ is because of Him.”

“God would say to us, ‘don’t waste your life.’ Don’t waste your life on things that won’t last.”

“How are you building your life? How are you building upon the foundation of Jesus in your life?”

“We are called not to waste our life but to steward it.”

“God does not want us to waste our lives.”

“Build your life right. Build upon the right foundation, and keep going back to that foundation: Jesus Christ.”

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